Jane Walker

January 13, 2021

Selecting leaders for the ICS Section Chiefs

Discussion Topic #1: In selecting leaders for the ICS Section Chiefs, what management styles, traits, and commitment would you want to see demonstrated?  Required Reading (see attachment) […]
January 2, 2021


TASK 1: Finding the data from databanks: Download/produce an Excel spreadsheet including the data for your selection of 2 countries. Data that are required in your […]
January 2, 2021

International trade effects on domestic markets.

International trade can have big effects on domestic markets. For both an import good and an export good (in other words, address each bulleted item below […]
January 2, 2021

comprehensive assessment of Paula Cortez

In a 3 page paper, complete the following:  1. Utilizing two of the assessment models provided in Chapter 5 of the course text, provide a comprehensive assessment […]
January 2, 2021

current economic topic

For the term paper, you are required to pick a current economic topic that relates to the material we have covered or will cover in this […]
January 2, 2021

Homeland Security on National Level (United States)

Assignment:10 PowerPoint Slides  (White Background) Topic: The Colombine Shooting  Area of discussion: Lessons Learned that is geared to Homeland Security on National Level (United States) as well as The […]
January 2, 2021

maximum goal attainment?

 Discussion Topic #2: Are leaders or incident commanders required to choose one style for maximum goal attainment? Defend your position.  Required Reading   Leadership: Theory and Practice 8TH 19 […]
January 2, 2021

Trait, Skills and Style approach.

Discussion Topic #1: Compare and contrast the Trait, Skills and Style approach. In addition to the assigned readings this week, conduct independent research for this topic. Locate […]
January 2, 2021

Video Case Study

For this discussion please respond to BOTH of the following questions: Question 1:  From your readings in Chapter 6, please review the Video Case Study on Theo Chocolate […]
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