January 16, 2021

Questions on Point Price Elasticity Of Demand

2. For each of the following cases, calculate the point price elasticity of demand, and state whether demand is elastic, inelastic, or unit elastic. The demand […]
January 16, 2021

Assignment on Neoclassical Economics

PART 1: Chapter 8 summary (word count between 250-500)   PART 2: Special Question – Veblem was considered a critic of microeconomics (neoclassical economics) Do you […]
January 16, 2021

Assignment on Managerial Economics

I need halp with Economics homework assignment and discussion question.  I have attached the powerpoint for the class and the assignment and discussion questions.  The discussion […]
January 16, 2021

Environmental Ethics and Moral Reasoning

Summary 10: After reading all of Chapter 15, please select ONE of the following primary source readings: “Plain Sex” by Alan H. Goldman (starting on page 548) -or- “Sexual Morality” by […]
January 16, 2021

ECON 202 Principles Of Microeconomics MCQs

Question 1.  Suppose that eight workers can manufacture 70 radios per day and that nine workers can manufacture 90 radios per day. If radios can be […]
January 16, 2021

Case Study on Digital Olympics

Please see attachments. Must be at least 125 words for each DQ.   craigslist_case_study.docx closing_case_beijing_2008.docx Get Professional Assignment Help Cheaply Are you busy and do not […]
January 16, 2021

Case Study on Dunkin Donuts

This is an unformatted preview. Please download the attached document for the original format. You are the manager for Dunkin Donuts and know the following elasticities: […]
January 16, 2021

AB224: Microeconomics Surplus Discussion

Topic 1 Discussion topic: Tailored Clothes 1. Assume that you were ready to buy a custom tailored dress (or men’s suit) and you are prepared to […]
January 16, 2021

Quiz on Economics and Finance

Question 1.     If Fred Morris buys wood and ivory every month to manufacture pianos in the plant he has leased for four years, he is operating in […]
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