January 2, 2021

current economic topic

For the term paper, you are required to pick a current economic topic that relates to the material we have covered or will cover in this […]
December 29, 2020

Discussion on knowledge based economy

Week 3 Discussion Donte Rodgers Full Title of Essay Situation 2: Some states allow students to attend certain universities within the state tuition free if they […]
December 28, 2020

Discussion on Global economy

Critical Thinking: Trade Agreements and Transborder Flows of Labor.  Chapter 9 The Saudi Arabian economy has developed with the use of large numbers of expatriate workers. […]
December 28, 2020

Keeping Brazil’s Economy Hot

1. Do you think the efforts of Brazil’s government to keep the economy growing will be successful? why or why not? 2. What downsides might Brazil […]
December 27, 2020

diversifying an economy

While Saudi Arabia seeks to diversify its economy, the Saudi economy is dominated by the petroleum sector. In addition, the Saudi Arabian Riyal (SAR) is pegged […]
December 24, 2020

Planned Economy versus A Market Economy

Wheelan discusses prices and free markets as a way to allocate resources  (especially chapter 1). WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES AND THE DISADVANTAGES THAT YOU SEE IN […]
December 24, 2020

Discussion on the Informal Economy

Scarcity, Opportunity Cost, Wants, Entrepreneurship, Markets, Law of Demand, Law of Supply, Market Failure, The Informal Economy, Unemployment Rate, Structural Unemployment, Human Capital, Inflation Rate, Gross […]
December 24, 2020

COVID 19 and effect on the economy

Topic for the Term –    COVID-19 and effect on the economy  Try to gather as much information (any country) and create a research paper using the […]
December 22, 2020

The Economy of the United States

3 Paragraph Final about the Economy of the United StatesFirst, please read the following article… Second, consider the ways in which the current U.S. Congress […]
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